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Clarinet manufacturing


  • Am Dorfplatz 4, 89356 Hafenhofen
  • +49 8222 411550
  • info@musik-foag.de

The company

We build clarinets
of passion

They are the result of traditional craftsmanship with innovative structures. Independent ideas and developments complete our distinctive instruments.
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Martin Foag

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Years of
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Each instrument is unique

Made by a master hand

Each instrument is made with the highest quality craftsmanship.

Custom made

All models can be custom-made according to individual customer requirements.

Our experienced team

Woodwind instrument
maker master

Martin Foag


Sandra Foag

Woodwind instrument
maker journeyman

Markus Foag

Pia Hofmann
Woodwind instrument
maker journeywoman

Pia Hofmann

Marion Loos
Woodwind instrument
maker journeywoman

Marion Loos

The team also includes our cleaning specialist and our lathe operator Erwin. We are happy to have them both on the team!

A look back over the
past three decades

  • 1996

    Establishment of the company as a repair shop

  • 1999

    Relocation to the newly built
    residential and commercial building

  • 2001

    Start of clarinet production

    Ausstellung auf der Frankfurter Musikmesse
  • 2003

    Extension of the business premises

  • 2003

    Start of metal clarinet production

  • 2005

    Start of bass clarinet production

  • 2009

    Outsourcing of the pads production to the newly founded company Claripad

  • 2010

    Acquisition of a
    CNC milling machine

  • 2018

    Relocation to the newly built company building on the village square

  • 2018

    Delivery of the 1st metal bass clarinet

    Delivery of the 100th bass clarinet

  • 2019

    Delivery of the 1st contraalto clarinet German system

  • 2019

    Start of production of bass clarinet bells

  • 2019

    Start of training for 1st apprentice to become a woodwind instrument maker

  • 2020

    Son Markus joins the business after passing the journeyman's examination

  • 2021

    Development of the high G clarinet Boehm System

  • October 2021

    Development of Contra alto clarinet low A

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In demand worldwide

Our clarinets are used by beginners
and professionals all over the world.

Requests are welcome at any time

We look forward to every requests
for our handmade instruments.